I Found a Cow

Most of the things I have are things people have given me throughout the years.  During the winter break, I’ve been trying to clean my room and I have stumbled through several items which I remember being a keepsake from someone, though I can’t quite remember from who or exactly the context that it was given to me in.

This made me wonder a few things…when does a keepsake stop being a keepsake?  Is it when it no longer reminds you of the person that gave it to you or the event where you stumbled upon it?  Or does it ever stop being one?  Does the item itself lose value as your memory of it’s beginnings fade?  Did it ever have any value other than it’s trigger to that memory?  If it’s a functional keepsake, does it lose all its value once it’s no longer functional?

Written on December 29, 2013