Manoj Dayaram
Getting better, one failure at a time.

Hello there! My name is Manoj Dayaram, and I’m probably right now.

If you came here to find out what I like, well then, I like fire, fruit parfaits, hugs, tea, computer science, education, pocket watches, puppies, kittens, ponies, top hats, monocles, spoons, half-belts, nail art, gloves, alpacas (not llamas!), chocolate, grilled cheese, juggling diabolo, port, moscato, chartreuse, b&b, magic, and drawing. If you know I like something that’s not on this list, it’s probably because it’s been a while since I’ve updated this.

I will occasionally write random musings about life and such whenever I get the time or have a good idea. Feel free to paruse at your own pace.

If physical space prevents us from getting tea together, you can always reach me through these other channels.

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Thanks for stopping by! Due to the nature of our meeting, we will have to settle for virtual hugs for now!