SF True Story Project - 7/11

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“I hadn’t been to a 7-11 for the longest time, and as I passed by one today on my way to work, I decided to stop by and check it out. I remember liking their coffee a lot, so I went straight to the coffee bar. As I poured myself a cup, the guy next to me accidentally spilled coffee everywhere.

He was a very stoic fellow. Very serious looking, expressionless. He wore a very interesting black hat.

Anyways, seeing the spill, I started helping him out. I took a bunch of napkins and gave him some. We both began cleaning vigorously. His expression unchanging the entire time. Not saying a word.

Once we were done he left to pay for his coffee. I still had to finish setting up mine, but as I walked to the cashier, she told me that the guy with the hat paid for my coffee. I quickly rushed out the door to look for him, but he was gone.

Thanks stoic hat guy, you made my day feel better!”

I was meaning to make a blog post about this but decided to write it as a story for sftruestoryproject.tumblr.com

I remember the coffee tasting terrible, but I couldn’t help but smile almost the entire day.  The little things truly have a huge impact.

But oh man, my handwriting…that’s pretty horrible.

Written on July 15, 2013