I walked to the Caltrain.

Walking relatively fast towards the caltrain station, met a fellow fast paced walker. At first we kept pretty good pace with each other, but then we hit a barrier. A group of middle aged ladies came out of Whole Foods and walked slowly in front of us, they took up the entire sidewalk. Not being in a rush, I adjusted my pace accordingly, however, my fellow fast-pacer could not stand for such bottleneck.

It was funny seeing her trying to skip the group in front of us.  Methods such as diverting to the street and leaping them were met with new blocks from fire hydrants, trees, and cars.  After all her failed attempts, she just gave up and joined me at the back of the group at a slow pace.  

Once the group took a turn, we both got back into fast paced mode, but she gradually started slowing down, and I completely overtook her.  Goodbye fellow fast pacer, I hope you’re not late to wherever it is you’re going.  But if you just like walking fast like me, then I hope you enjoyed your walk =)

Written on February 23, 2012